As stated in the page header, myspnigeria is an online pharmacy store that majorly sells intimate products that most people ( both married and single ) are often shy to walk into a pharmacy shop to ask about or even buy.

The motivation to go ahead came as a result of our experience while practicing as community pharmacists. We often came across many shy people who would rather engage in unsafe sex than work into a pharmacy to buy a condom. And some people who would rather opt for abortion than use pregnancy preventing pills like Postinor-2.

And some others who would rather keep enduring sexual intimacy than come to the pharmacy to buy a simple jelly that would put things back in other. Not to talk of those with erectile and premature ejaculatory issues. The list is endless.

Apart from being caused by shyness on the part of the patient, it also stems from the fact that many feel they might be labelled randy or looked down upon by the people dispensing the products. While little or nothing can be done about this at the pharmacy shop, an alternative can be provided.

And this is where myspnigeria comes into play. Bridging the shyness gap and ensuring that all and sundry have unrestricted access to intimate products, no matter where they stay in Nigeria.


Pharm. Adeyemi O.D

Finished from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University ( O.A.U ), Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Where he finished as the 2nd best graduating student.

He also bagged the award of the best project student in pharmacology ( a branch of medicine that focuses on the use, effect and mode of action of drugs ).

He is a recipient of the Dr D.K Odukoya award of academic excellence. Also a recipient of the certificate of meritorious service for being part of the election petition committee of O.A.U Students Union.

These are apart from being the Chief Pharmacist at the 2013, Batch A, NYSC orientation camp in Ogun State.

After graduation, He did his one year internship at National Food and Drugs Administration and Control ( NAFDAC ). And now has a license to practice as a pharmacist in Nigeria

Pharm. Aruleba A.J

He did his NYSC in Lagos State. Finished from the prestigious University of Lagos ( Unilag ), Lagos, Nigeria.

After graduation, He did his one year internship at National Food and Drugs Administration and Control ( NAFDAC ). And now has a license to practice as a pharmacist in Nigeria


While at NAFDAC, we both had the opportunity of working at the Central Lab which is involved in carrying out various tests to establish the authenticity of the all drugs coming into Nigeria.

While there, we came to realize that many people fall victim of fake drugs in Nigerian on a daily basis.

This further motivated us to launch myspnigeria, where people buy original intimate drugs as against the fakes that are all over the market.

We are achieving this aim by working only with the official company suppliers in the country and also with reputable pharmacy shops that deal directly with official suppliers.


The mission is simple and clear. Myspnigeria is here to give everybody the means to meet all their sexual life wishes and aspirations by knocking out shyness and ensuring that people buy only original drugs with their hard earned money.


Our goal is to make sure that everybody, no matter where they are resident in Nigeria, has easy and direct access to intimate products with relative ease and devoid of the fear of being looked down upon or being put off by shyness.

We also want to give a new face to the pharmacy profession by making it more patient oriented by going all out to satisfy their every intimate need without the fear of prejudice.

We base our practice strictly on professionalism and not religion. Religion may preach total abstinence from illicit sex. But since people would engage in it regardless of what religion says, we as professionals are addled with the responsibility of preaching the gospel of safe sex.

Now thousands of of people all over Nigeria, with sexual issues, get their problems solved on a daily basis through the platform created by these two young pharmacists.