Amethyst HIV self test kit that uses just your saliva

  • It is safe to use/Painless (Non invasive). This means that there would be no contact with human blood. Only the mouth swab is needed.
  •  It gives a very fast result. Usually the rapid reaction occurs within 2 minutes
  •  It is extremely accurate and reliable. The device has a high affinity to even a small presence of the HIV 1&2 antibody.
  •  It is very effective. The result is reproducible any time.
  •  It is easy to use. The test procedure is quite simple to follow. No health care assistance is required.
  •  It ensures 100% privacy. Therefore the test can be performed at any chosen location
  •  It’s light and less bulky to carry.
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Amethyst HIV1&2 test kit is a self test kit that provides 100% privacy to the user during and after

testing using mouth swab (saliva). It’s very accurate and gives a rapid result (2min.) Therefore, everyone

can go ahead to find out for oneself his/her HIV status in the closet. There is no need for Healthcare

assistance because the method for use is simple and brief as contained in the leaflet.

This is a rapid, diagnostic device that utilizes the principle of colloidal gold lateral chromatography to detect HIV type 1 and type 2 antibodies present in the human mouth. It is often obtained and interpreted as a visible colour reaction.

This kind of detection is peculiar due to its extreme sensitivity to the presence of the antibodies found around the

mucosa of the human upper and lower gum lines, clinically known as Oral Mucosal Transudate.




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