EveryWoman Comprehensive Supplement For 100% Fertility Boost





HERBAL BLEND: Cranberry Juice (Vaccinium macrocarpon): Studies show it’s effective in the prevention of urinary tract infection (UTI). Also helps in the absorption of vitamin B12.

CITRUS BIOFLAVONOID COMPLEX: Used in the prevention of diseases of blood vessels and lymph system, inluding hemorrhoids, chronic venous insufficiency, leg ulcers, easy bruising, nose bleeds etc. Also has some antioxidant properties.

PABA (PARA-AMINO BENZOIC ACID): Support “tired blood” i.e. anemia; rheumatic fever, constipation, prevention of hair loss and promotion of a healthy skin.

INOSITOL: Help prevent sleeplessness.

CHOLIN BITATRATE: Is a structural part in the formulation of our cell membrane.

BORON: Promotes anti-ageing processes and longevity. Enhance motor skills learning and memory. Boosts immune system.

LYCOPENE: Is an antioxidant; promotes postrate health; helps with problems such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cadiovascular system issues and diseases; helps with men’s fertility and prevention of cancers such as prostate cancer, mouth cancer etc.

LUTEIN: Helps improve visual function and overall health of the eyes.

VITAMIN A: For antioxidant, healthy immune system, vision, night vision, cataract prevention, anti cancer properties, cardiovascular system, healthy bones, hair, mucous linings, membranes, nails, skin, teeth, cellular health and bone growth.

VITAMIN C: Promotes wound healing, gum and bones; promotes the absorption of iron and calcium and strengthens the blood vessels; helps prevent infections; a vital antioxidant that helps rid the body of free radicals therefore slows down cell damage and aging.

VITAMIN D: Prevents osteoporosis, promotes the absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus thus helping to build healthy bone system and teeth. Helps prevent osteoarthritis of the knee.

VITAMIN E: An antioxidant that protects body tissue; promotes red blood cell production and protects cell membranes; preserves fatty acids and vitamin from oxidation. Also promotes skin healing.

VITAMIN B1: Plays an important role in energy production by helping the conversion of carbohydrates to energy; supports the heart, muscle and nervous system functions.

VITAMIN B2: Promotes proper development and growth, helps bone, muscle and nerve tissues; supports red cell production and helps metabolism; also credited with hormone regulation.

NIACIN (B3): Supports enzymes that metabolize food, helping convert carbohydrates and fats to energy; promotes healthy skin and nerve function.
VITAMIN B6: Supports metabolism, helps conversation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates; promotes enzyme functions and helps the production of new red blood cells.

FOLATE (B9): Helps the body build red blood cells and supports the synthesis of genetic material (DNA); it’s a part of the spinal fluid ane helps brain function.

VITAMIN B12: Supports red blood cell production and boosts the metabolic process; believed to promote the balance of the central nervous system.

BIOTIN (B7): Claims to prevent hair loss; helps fight high cholesterol, diabetes and depression.

PANTOTHENIC ACIS (B5): Boosts the metabolic process, promotes production of antibodies and chemicals that regulate nervous function; helps production of good cholesterol.

CALCIUM: Major foundation for strong bones and teeth; helps blood clothing.

IRON: Important for transport and storage of oxygen, aid in energy production and cell diffusion, helps the immune and central nervous system.

IODIDE: Needed for the production of thyroid hormone is vital for our metabolic processes.

MAGNESIUM: Promotes energy releasing enzymes and helps build strong bones.

ZINC: Builds immune function and prevent in various enzymes that promote metabolism; supports sexual development and normal growth.

SELENIUM: an antioxidant with body tissue protection; fights free radical damage to body cells.

COPPER: Promotes iron absorption and helps build healthy bones, muscles and blood vessels.

MANGANESE: Present in enzymes that support metabolism and helps support bone formation.

CHROMIUM: Mainly supports glucose metabolism.

MOLYBDENUM: Enables the body use iron reserves, promotes burning of fats and carbohydrates and promotes cell functions.


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