Felce Azzurra Intimate Vagina Cleanser 200ml

  • It helps keeps the Vagina clean and fresh
  • It doesn’t alter the Vagina
  • It helps prevents growth of bacteria in the Vagina
  • It’s rich in Malva, the natural extract that further ensures the cleanliness and safe protection of the Vagina
  • A pack contains 200ml
  • There’re two packs in an order


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The Felce Azzurra Delicate Intimate Vagina Cleanser gently and naturally takes care of intimate hygiene. Tests carried out under gynecologists supervision, showed evidence of maximum skin compatibility even on sensitive skin.

Thanks to its balanced pH, it does not alter the natural physiological balance of delicate parts like the Vagina and provides a pleasant sensation of freshness.

With natural extract of Malva which is delicate and emollient and provides you a feeling of cleanliness and safety , making your Vagina more inviting to your Man’s tongue everyday.


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