M2 Tone For Normal Menstruation and Reproductive Health- 30 Tablets

  • It promotes female reproductive health
  • It supports normal ovarian function
  • It promotes healthy hormonal balance
  • It helps to calm down and restore emotional balance.
  • It is generally taken by women who have menstruation, ovarian, hormonal and reproductive issues.




It is a comprehensive herbal supplement for promoting normal menstruation, supporting uterine health and improving reproductive health. M2 Tone is considered the most trusted female health supplement. It improves ovarian functions, hormonal balance and supports endometrial health.

The researchers say that a clinical trial showed that M2-Tone stimulates ovulation in females who have problems with their ovulation.

The menstrual cycle is regulated by the complex interaction of female hormones that control the start of menstruation during puberty, the rhythms and duration of menstrual cycles. Disturbances in hormone level may lead to abnormal menstrual flow like heavy or too light, may occur too often or last too long or may be irregular. M2-TONE is a comprehensive formulation for regulating menstrual cycle and controlling related symptoms like pain, lethargy and stress.

Directions for taking M2-Tone
Two tablets twice daily for minimum three cycles. Allow several weeks for long lasting benefits. If you are having the problem of DUB or irregular menstruation then one to two tablets can be taken two times in a day for 3-6 cycles. If having unexplained infertility or Anovulatory then 2-3 tablets can be taken twice a day till formation occurs or if assisted reproductive techniques protocols then also the same amount can be taken two times daily from day to down regulation to the embryo transfer day.


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