• Ideal for spicing up foreplay
  • Ultra-powerful magnetic orbs for clamping (almost) any body part you desire
  • Perfect for pinching the frenulum, balls, labia and nipples
  • Tiny and lightweight, perfect for kinky nights away
  • Not safe for internal use


Apply pinching pleasure to any body part you desire with the Deluxe ultra powerful magnetic orbs. Super-strong for maximum versatility and sensation, they’re perfect for clamping the frenulum, labia, balls, nipples… The list is endless!

When we say these magnets are powerful, we’re really not exaggerating. See for yourself by placing one either side of your hand and watch as they magically (or “scientifically”) attract one another through your palm.

Just like any other sex clamps, these orbs work by applying pressure to an area of skin to increase blood flow and sensitivity. Not only do they feel amazing during wear, but once removed they leave you extra sensitive to subsequent play.

Experiment with different intensity levels by pinching large and small amounts of skin in different areas of the body. Depending on where and how you place these spheres greatly impacts the sensation you or your partner will experience.

Please note: NOT safe for internal use.


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