HIV/STI Screening Combo


  • A combo that contains one STI/UTI test kit & one HIV test kit

  • STI/UTI test kit detects UTI & other STIs in just 2 minutes

  • HIV test kit detects HIV within 20-40 minutes
  • STI Kit uses urine sample while HIV test kit uses saliva swab

  • STI kit confirms successful treatment of STIs
  • Very easy & pain free
  • Testing procedure is very easy


This UTI/STI screening kit is designed to help you detect STIs at home in just two minutes while OraQuick can detect HIV in a person within 23-90 days of exposure. It is very easy to use as it requires urine sample & the test result is read in just two minutes while HIV test kit involves using your saliva swab and waiting for 20-40 minutes to read the results. If you are undergoing treatment for an infection, the UTI/STI test kit is an easy alternative to confirm if you are free of the infection and the HIV test kit helps you know your HIV status.



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