About Us

Who are we?

MYSP Nigeria (My Sexual Privacy Nigeria), is a fully registered online pharmacy that discreetly provides pharmacological and non-pharmacological solutions to sexual problems, individuals feel embarrassed to talk about in public.

In addition, we also facilitate discreet Lab testing for patients who wants their identities protected.


When did we start?

We started our business in April of 2014.

In the short time we have been serving customers, we feel we have created a lot of good will and trust.

Although, we don’t really expect our customers to mention us to their friends, but they still do. I guess you can say sharing is indeed caring and that speaks well for us.


What we offer:

We scour the globe to get you information for the widest range of legal personal products that will put the zing back where it was missing (we made a pun!) From libido boosters to lubricants, erection enhancers to ejaculation delay products, adult toys to BDSM Kit and so much more, we have built a comprehensive catalogue of information for some of the world’s foremost brands in the personal care space all at the click of a mouse.

Furthermore, we have partnered with world class laboratories to enable discreet testing of sensitive subjects like HIV, Sperm count test, STD’s Screening etc.


What we stand for:

When it comes to privacy, we at www.myspnigeria.com believe it to be of paramount importance. This is especially true, when you shop for products that are of an intensely personal nature or book for a lab test that is highly sensitive.

It is this belief, coupled with our desire to earn your trust and safeguard your privacy, we as Pharmacists created this platform.

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