Returns and Refund Policy

We Don’t Accept Returns

What? How can we offer a top-quality store without accepting any returns? WWW.MYSPNIGERIA.COM doesn’t sell suitcases or shoes, we sell drugs, supplements sex toys,  and BDSM Kit.

These products require different treatment. If a store sent you a suitcase that had been returned by another person, as long as it was in new condition, you would accept it. The same cannot be said of the items we sell. We simply cannot take any chances on handling, processing, or having our employees handle returned items of this nature.

This doesn’t mean we won’t make you happy with your decision to purchase from us, we have another policy to make sure you are satisfied.


First: Some Items Do Not Need To Be Returned
Sometimes, you don’t have to return a product to get a replacement or refund. Products that are used internally or that come in contact with bodily fluids cannot legally be sent back to us. These products are required to be handled as medical waste. Our warehouse is not qualified to handle medical waste, nor are our employees skilled in this area. For this reason, these products cannot be sent back to us. Instead, e-mail as early as possible, after you made your purchase and we’ll be happy to help you if possible.


Some Products Are Not Eligible For Return or Refund
In rare cases, some products are not eligible for return or refund. This only applies to most of the products we sell. In these cases the sale is final.


A few products can be returned to us for a refund upon review.

Products that are not designed to contact the human body or drugs  can be returned to us for review, if refund would be possible.


Send a picture or video of the product for review to our mail:  Include a copy of your invoice and order number if possible.

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