• This type of DNA test can be tendered in the court
  • It is convenient
  • Effective for determining paternity between father and child within days
  • The discreet nature of the test ensures privacy of both parties.


In doubt of your child’s paternity?
Let science help you confirm the paternity of your child with this highly effective procedures.

The test procedure is not applicable to unborn children.

This type of DNA test is admissible in court.

Sample Required:
Preferably Buccal swabs of father and child. Other admissible samples are hair ad nails.

Duration For Test Results:

Results are usually sent to the patient’s mail within 7-15 working days

*You would be required to select the test sample collection option of your choice of ‘Home service collection’ or ‘Walk-in Drop off’ options.

Terms and conditions

Time for Walk-in sample collection within Lagos — (9 AM – 7 PM) Mon-Sat

Time for Home service sample collection in Lagos — (9 AM- 2 PM) Mon-Sat



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