Do you like to get your pussy wet at anytime without waiting to be with your partner or getting home? You can now experience that juicy orgasm anywhere and at anytime. Having sex in public has never been this easy. With the Flamingo Wearable Vibrator, riding just got more fun.

It is a smart wearable vibrator that allows you to pleasure yourself everywhere you go by connecting the vibrator to your IOS or android device. This vibrator functions as a vagina, Gspot and clitoris stimulator.

Once connected to your smart phone, its functions allows you to private chat, invite friends, and to play that favorite music while you experience various vibration patterns and speeds that leads to wild orgasms. It also has other functions such as voice control, motion control and many exicting games.

Slide it into your vagina, set the voice control and place your smartphone in your bag while you also listen to that favorite song of yours. Not only do you feel the beats from a song in your ears, you will also feel the beats or rhythms on your clitoris!

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