• It increases breast size
  • It helps increase sex drive in women by heightening breast sensitivity to touch and sucking
  • It is safe
  • It makes the breast fuller


You might not be born with the breast of your dreams but you can still acquire it with the help of this effective breast pump. Not only does the pump increase the breast size, it also helps increase the breast sensitivity to touch, making it easy for the lady to get horny and wet easily.

The pump system works by increasing circulation to your breast.

Direction Of Use:

-First, Wear a breast cup so that there is no gap between the sealing gasket and the skin of the breast.

-Turn on the button so that the cup can hold the breasts tightly (suction strength can control their own), and keep 10 to 15
minutes (don’t suck deflate it and then breathe again, so not only no effect will be easy to damage the controller).

-During the adsorption period, the exhaust valve can be deflated, Exhaust can be discharged in half without completely
draining,and then suck again, back and forth to do 10 minutes for a cycle, repeated use of two or three cycles is just ok.

-Then hand massage the chest 5 to 10 minutes (a very important part, or the effect is not obvious, and it can also correct the
situation of partial recovery of suction).

-The specific number and time can be adjusted according to their own situation, the best day to do in the morning and once a
night, it is time to do every night!

-Efforts should be gradual, don’t worry, Are you going to do every day, not less is not all, more is not necessarily faster, less
effect will not be good.

-NOTE: There should be no gap between the cup seal rubber ring and the chest skin, and the handle and the hose should be connected
well. Otherwise, Adsorption will not be good.

Usage Guide


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