The ‘Rilwan’ vibrating dildo is a pleasure toy yet feels like a well erect male penis that is ready to go on multiple rounds. It is made from high grade quality silicone material which is body safe and  causes no irritations. It has a great feel, soft and can bend to whatever angle you position it.

Rilwan is a hands-free cock that has a strong suction cup. It sticks perfectly on any flat surface allowing it to easily find your g-spot. No matter what angle you choose, Rilwan will ride and stimulate you. The various speed patterns allows you go slow and fast. The set of balls gives Rilwan the perfect finishing of a penis.

Apply a water based lube on Rilwan and you are good to have the best ride of your life. Moreso, you can use your hands, fingers to rub on Rilwan before penetration. Do not neglect the balls while massaging Rilwan.



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