Too much sex can make the vagina loose

The vagina is elastic, it stretches to accommodate the penis or adult toy during sex and snaps back to it’s previous shape.

The conditions responsible for loose vagina is child birth and aging, now if you find yourself uncomfortable about this incorporating kegel balls to your kegel exercises is a great fix.

Vibrating kegel ball

Vagina should smell like rose and taste like honey

This is not true, vagina should smell like vagina and taste like vagina. The only time you should be concerned is when the smell is strong, unpleasant or fishy which signifies the likelihood of an infection or an imbalance of pH.

Klovinal-Treatment for chronic toilet infection

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Yoni pearls clean vagina and womb

Yoni pearls only mess with vagina microbes, killing off good bacteria and making it susceptible for infections.

Femfresh vagina wash

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Orgasms  come from vagina stimulation alone

Stimulation of the clitoris and even anus can lead to orgasms also.

Rabbit vibrator

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