That was what she texted.

I can’t even lie, e choke me sharps.

How can she reply with ‘lol’?

I stood up and walked over to my standing mirror, dropped my towel and took a good look at my d!ck then and then only did I realise that it was truly small.

Here’s what happened, Lade is my new girlfriend, we met at an art exhibition on the 26th of December on the Island. We hooked up at once after I dropped something I’d love to call a sleek punchline.

Art exhibits were being auctioned for sale and I stood up and shouted 1 million dollars.

The lounge went dead silent and even the life band performing missed a beat and decided to stop all together.

Yeah, hearing 1 million dollars after previous bidders were bargaining around 100,000 naira and adding a few kobo to supercede eachother.

While the auction master was still trying to figure out what my bid was for, he asked for confirmation and said: “Demola’s Art for the Slave Queen going for 1 million dollars to holder 1276”.

I heard my number and snapped back to reality as I’d be in debt if he hits his hammer on the pad to declare I won it.

“My bid is for the beautiful steward next to you, I find her an exceptional piece of art and I do not think her parents would even agree to settle for that amount as her beauty reminds God of how perfect his works are”

I could hear my heart race, I saw her steal a smile and the auction master looked unimpressed then I replied and said “1,000,000 for the piece of art and right to the Stewardess for the rest of the night”.

The crowd cheered me on and I saw her blush, her boss had a smile as he waved her on knowing that he had just gotten 1,000,000 naira for a art that was struggling to get above a hundred thousand.

Everyone watched as she walked over, I couldn’t take my eyes off her and it felt like an eternity staring at her hips swing extremely towards both ends, her thighs looked so silky and I knew I wanted my head there when I breathed my last, her cleavage wasn’t so obvious and it was so full that I understood why King Solomon blessed the boobs so frequently in his writings.

The night was magical, from the boat cruise across the water body to my house, the exotic dinner and the tease we’ve been giving each other all along.

The s#x… at least I thought it was magical.

Looking back now, I realise why she wanted me to eat her out and finger fuck her, she didn’t want my d!ck size to set her off, so she came and had me in tight hold while she rode me like a cow girl.

I tried to hit it a second time but she declined and only wanted to cuddle.

I was expecting the “what are we now question” but she didn’t bring it up and she didn’t even ask about anything personal just as she didn’t share anything as well.

My mystery woman.

She had a cab pick her up and all the times I tried to smash again, she turned it down with one political discuss or a movie critique.

So, after a whole month, she texted and after I got to the co!tus part now knowing that she wanted to hangout again as she loved how I ate her out, she replied with “lol” because I asked if she didn’t miss my dick.

It’s only 5 inches long and I absolutely thought women were honest when they said size didn’t matter.

Anyways, I have been using MySPNigeria’s Penis Extender and for 2 weeks now and my little man is already at 7 inches, I have till the 13th of February to make it up to her.

I’d give you updates after our Val Date.


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