Ngbati gbati is what the Yoruba people call unnecessary excuses.

To avoid hearing ngbati ngbati gbati when you are ready to conceive, ensure to get tested.

The test package for men includes the basic fertility investigation for the viable sperm cells, semen fluid analysis and semen microscopy sensitivity test as well as other basic tests to ensure that your young John is not only hard but can produce good beats.

For the women, we offer services that deal with ovulation tracking, hormonal imbalance, pap smear, HVS for presence of unpleasant growths and so on just to ensure that the bridge that connects the sperm and egg is free flowing and not only do we offer testing, we also have counsellors and medical personnel that would advice on the next step to take.

We could also teach you basic styles to enhance your chances of conceiving in double quick time.

This series of test is not only meant for married couple, it is highly encouraged for the unmarried especially those who have promised to wait till the wedding night, don’t allow love blind you from the reality of conceiving for your spouse, take the test and plan your next steps from there.

Now, MySPN makes this more easy for you as your samples can be collected at home, so you don’t have to be worried about mama Risi seeing you at the clinic.

Don’t treat this post like other ones, take quick actions now.

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