Chiamaka was the new girl mama brought to help with chores around the house.

Ever since my wife d!ed and I promised not to remarry until all three of our kids were done with their Undergraduate programmes, I needed frequent help around the house.

I remember taking in different “agbakos” (destiny troublers) the most recent was Effiong, the calabar girl with a very sumptuous buttocks.

My last daughter didn’t like her so, I could not make any moves, honestly, if I had ignored my daughter’s dislike for her, I would have been in big trouble.

This girl came into the house and 1 whole month in started wearing provocative gowns, all the piled up Konji made it hard especially whenever she came to clean my room or my studio and knew I was all alone.

She once came to mop my bathroom and had no panties on, she was on all floors in the bathroom and left the bathroom door open, gliding around the room slowly and ensuring her fat pu$sy cheeks were visible.

On that particular day, I would have banged her without a condom because it was pretty obvious she wanted the D.

And as always, my little girl came in, saw her a$s and poured water on her body, she acted like a possessed child and cried for 2 whole days because she wanted this big a$s lady to leave.

It’s a good thing because I later found out she was pregnant for her village spouse and was determined to push it on me.

Thank God for my Daughter’s craze.

I narrated this to a friend at the office and he referred MySP Nigeria to me saying I should make sure the next help gets tested and even I wanted to f^ck without commitments, I needed to know health status.

Running the tests only gave me the ability to choose the best for my kids and not my D and I am happy about that.

As a user, I would recommend having your domestic staff tested, it could be your driver, Gardner, security man, cook and so on to ensure they do not bring any weird strains of sickenesses into your home.

Try the screening package and I am sure you’d be proud of it.


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