Ever left a steamy sex session wondering if you made your lady cum or you want to be certain she’s not faking it. Then this guide is for you.

Despite how porn, movies or books makes it look like, not every orgasm will give a loud, dramatic body shaking reaction. Some will be calmer and one woman’s orgasm will be different from another woman’s own.

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Also, no two orgasms are the same in a particular woman, the sensation of one will differ from another orgasm she will have later on, orgasms can be really tricky.

It is completely okay if a woman doesn’t have a body shaking orgasm experience, it could simply be a subtle increase in tension, after which there is a sudden release.

A reaction during sex that results in a relaxed feeling can be described as an orgasm.

Different women will experience orgasm in different ways, here are some common signs to know she’s having an orgasm.

How To Know If She’s Having An Orgasm – Orgasm Signs

  1. Automatic muscle contractions around vaginal walls, pelvic floor muscles.
  2. Increase in heart and breath rate.
  3. Curling of toes & fingertips
  4. Moans

After an orgasm, a woman feels completely satisfied, a closeness to her partner and is more relaxed.

How Can I Make Her/Encourage Her Orgasm

  1. Focus on the clitoris – Research shows that more than 75 percent of women need more than penetration to achieve an orgasm. Most women find it easier to orgasm when their clitoris is stimulated. Clitoral orgasms are usually an intense tingling pleasure that starts in the clitoris, making the whole vulva area swell then spreads through the whole body.
  2. Bring in Sex toys – Explore Sex toys together to find out which one will give your partner the desired pleasure.
  3. Communicate clearly & allow her lead you – Ask for directions, ask her what is giving her pleasure & follow her guide.

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