Do you find penetrative sex painful or getting into certain positions during sexual intercourse uncomfortable for you? Well, keep reading to find out what can help you.

The use of vaginal dilators can help ease vaginal pains, contractions & take away anxiety during sexual intercourse.

Osas vaginal dilator

What are vaginal dilators?

Vaginal dilators are medical devices with rounded ends inserted into the vagina to stretch vaginal tissues to help reduce pain and anxiety around vaginal penetration.

It helps a woman relax, be more open minded and confident during sexual intercourse and trains her vaginal muscles to accommodate things going into the vagina.

Vaginal dilators often come in kits that includes a range of different sizes, these dilators are safe and effective in training and relaxing the vaginal muscle so there is no more phobia for pain during sex as it helps eliminate the pain that happens during penetration.

The lady will be more comfortable and confident to try new sex styles with her partner and the freak in her will be awakened as she finds her confidence in bed.

Who should use vaginal dilators?

Vaginal dilators are suitable for women who experience pain during sexual intercourse or women who get nervous or feel pain when trying to insert tampons or medical devices during a gynecological exam.

It can also be used by women who feel uncomfortable with the thickness & girth of their partner’s manhood or women who suffer from involuntary vaginal muscles contraction during vaginal penetration.

Use the dilators to train your muscles so you too can enjoy sex and bring your freak game to bed.

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How to use:

  • Lie on a bed with knees bent & support yourself with pillow for comfort & relaxation.
  • Start your training with the smallest size dilator.
  • Lube the tips and sides of the dilator generously with a water based lubricant.
  • Spread your labia open & use the other hand to slowly insert the dilator.
  • Pause if you feel any discomfort so the muscles can relax.
  • Continue to insert inside the vagina until 3/4 of its length is inside you.
  • Once it’s inserted, use a rolled towel or pillow to keep in place so you can relax your hands.
  • Leave the dilator to stay inside you for 15minutes.
  • Through out this process, focus on your breath & on keeping the pelvic floor muscles relaxed.

Train your vaginal muscles with vagina dilators for a pain free & orgasmic sexual experience.

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