It’s the season of  love, love, love again and if you are looking for ways to show your partner how much you care for and appreciate them or you are hoping to spice things up in your love life; you’ve come to the right place, so keep reading.

Leaving things to chance does not cut it this year, plus it’s no fun so let’s make well thought plans for February 14th. Of course this ideas can be used all year round not just for Valentine’s Day.

10 Sexy Ideas For Valentine This Year


1. Install a therapy room in your home

Have you ever imagined a space in your own home designed for you to go in and just fuck or to enjoy sensual bliss? If you’ve watched the series fifty shades, then you’d have an idea of what I am talking about; we’re talking about the red room where most of Christian’s and Anastasia’s sexual rendezvous happened.

So, what better time to install a sex room in your own house than this Valentine season? This will allow you widen your sexual horizons and allow you indulge in deeper sexual frenzies.


2. Dress up in lingerie

Wear your sexiest lingerie on that day; you can greet him with nothing but that when he comes home or wear that underneath your outfit when you go out on that day, so when he strips you later on, that should be the little spicy thing greeting him.

Dab your favorite perfume on to make his senses even more heated.


3. Go wild with the sex positions

Don’t hold it in because that day looks like a good day to go wild & bend or flip your partner over as often as you can. A good way to play around this is to use the sex position card game.

This card explores positions that you’d overlook in the heat of the moment.

Sex position card game

4. Write a dirty love letter

It’s the season of love, be romantic and pen down your feelings for your lover but spice this up and make this as erotic as it can get. Tell them all the sweet dirty things they’ve done to you, all of the sweet dirty things you’ve done to them that was so hot in your head and all of those to come.


5. Try Orgasm control

The goal is to ravel in each other’s arms and enjoy long lasting sex and  nutting too quick will ruin this, so; bring your partner to the brink of orgasm, just when they are about to explode, stop all form of stimulation & give them some time to calm down from that high before you both can begin again.

Do this repeatedly to delay your partner’s orgasm.


6. Explore BDSM

It’s V-Day loves, experiment with some BDSM power dynamics, handcuffs, blindfolds, ropes or restraints. Just keep in mind that this is supposed to be comfortable with pleasure as the end result. Check out this BDSM kit or this beginners BDSM kit.

Bdsm Kit


Beginners BDSM KIT


7. Roleplay

Pretend to be someone else on this day,dress the part, act like the character you are mimicking and fuck like them too.


8. Play with a remote controlled panties vibrator in public

If you’d be going out for dinner or have a date tonight with your partner, slip in your remote controlled vibrator and hand over the remote to your partner to play with your vagina as he wishes.

This is a very good way to boost foreplay, to explore more PDA and the thrills from the pleasure can be intoxicating if your partner turns it on at the most unexpected places or times. Check out this panties vibrator.


Strapping Panties Vibrator


9. Give each other erotic massages

Give your partner a good rub down to release all the tension spots and to stimulate all of their pleasure spots. You can even go farther by using your hands to give a handjob so as to trigger their release.

This kind of massages goes best with the massage oil and should be done in a relaxing spot.

Massage oil

10. Get the pleasure buffet

We are talking about your very own sex kit with all of your intimate needs put together by you. How this works is; we(MyspNigeria) have put together over 15 products where you’d have to select 5 of these products to create your own pleasure buffet.

Whatever vibe you like to fuck to; whether slow, passionate love making or rough, animalistic sex, get the pleasure buffet and select products to match this vibe.

Pleasure buffet



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