Shaving down below shouldn’t feel like a chore you try to avoid until a last minute pool party! But then again, who can really blame you? There’s nothing worse than those itchy red bumps caused by razor burn. Make shaving your most intimate parts that much easier with these tips. Not only will this help to decrease in-grown hairs but it will also leave you feeling silky smooth!

Tips On Shaving to Avoid Razor Burn

1. Invest in a Good Razor.

Having a good quality razor is key when shaving. When the razor offers multiple blades that is the golden ticket to getting a smooth and silky soft finish to your shave. Multiple blades is always a must because the more blades used will decrease the amount of times you’ll have to re-shave over that area.

B.M.S. Enterprises Ultimate Personal Shaver For Women

razor for shaving bikini line

Who doesn’t love the feeling of a freshly shaven body? For silky smooth skin with no nicks, cuts, or razor bumps, the new Ultimate Personal Shaver by Swan is here. This bundle will include all the necessary attachments for detailed trimming. Don’t miss out on this set that you are sure to love.

Personal Shaver Features:

  • Main Trimmer and Comb with Length Settings
  • Precision Trimmer and Comb with Length Settings
  • Finishing Head and Stencil Trimmer


2.  Prep to Prevent Ingrown Hairs on the Bikini Line

Before shaving any part of your body its important to spend about 10-15min in warm water. This will help soften the outer layer of skin making it easier to remove the hair, while decreasing the chances of razor burn. Exfoliating is key. This is one part you don’t want to skip. Once your bikini line has been cleaned we suggest lightly exfoliating with a wet washcloth to remove dead skin cells. The key to having a clean shave without the razor burn is making sure you exfoliate your skin on the regular to remove dead skin cells. This will allow the blade to get closer to the skin

SweetSpot Labs Buff & Brighten Exfoliating Pads

exfoliating pads for shaving

Say goodbye to bumps, ingrown hairs and irritation with these Buff & Brighten Exfoliating Pads from SweetSpot Labs. Made by women for women, experience ultra smooth skin on often shaved and waxed area while brightening those shadows. You’ve found a sweet spot so grab these now!

Exfoliating Pad Features:

  • 50 Pads
  • Smooths Ingrown Hairs
  • Bumps & Irritation
  • Helps to Brighten Dark Areas
  • pH Balanced


3. Don’t Skip on Shaving Cream

You might not feel like this is as important but it’s way more crucial than you may realize. When you shave you are shaving your skin so if you don’t have any cream in between the razor and your skin you are potentially leaving yourself open for more opportunities for cuts and irritation.

shaving cream for razor burn

Coochy Be Original Shaving Cream

If you’re using regular soap and water to clean up your lady parts stop what you’re doing now! Shaving your vagina is something that you shouldn’t just do with any regular soap and water. Having the right shaving cream is key for smooth red bump free results. That’s why we recommend using the Coochy Shave Cream Original. Ignite a passionate night after you use the Be Original fragrance. Infused with vanilla, orange blossoms & gardenias, you’ll want to bare the velvety powderiness of this signature fragrance. Available in a variety of scents and sizes, including travel size. The Coochy Shaving Cream stops red bumps from appearing on the bikini area, underarms, legs, and any other shaveable area. Leaves skin oh so smooth and irresistible to touch!

Coochy Shaving Cream Features:

  • Designed for Both Men and Women
  • Dermatologist Tested—Ideal for Sensitive Skin
  • Reduces Razor Burn
  • 4 Different Sizes: 12.07oz, 7.2oz, 3.4oz, 24-15ml. Travel Packets
  • Original Scent
  • Gentle Enough For All Areas of The Body
  • No-Gluten, No-Parabens
  • Doubles as a Gentle, Moisturizing Hair Conditioner
  • Available in a Variety of Scents


4. Pay Attention to Your Shaving Direction

People have a lot of different options on whether you should shave up or down. This is especially important for people who are more prone to razor burn. It’s always recommended that you have the direction of the hair growth. Going against the grain of your hair makes irritation much more likely.

5. Calm Your Skin After Shaving The Bikini Area

As soon as you’re done shaving wash off the area. If you are prone to razor burn we recommend holding a cold compress to the area for about 10 minutes later. This will help reduce your chances of experiencing razor burn.

6. Moisturize! Moisturizing is Key to Decreasing Razor Burn

It’s always important to keep your skin hydrated, but especially important after you shave. Whether you choose lotion or oil this step is keep in ensuring your freshly shaved skin stays smooth longer!

after shave oil

Bijoux Indiscrets Slow Sex Hair & Skin Shimmer Dry Oil 1oz
Add an irresistible shimmer to your hair and skin with this stunning body oil that dries fast, and nourishes and hydrates with decadent coconut oil. Use the sexy dropper to add sparkle to any surface you see fit leaving no irritation, just a sexy glow!

Dry Oil Features:

  • Highlighting & Hydrating Oil
  • Leaves Light Shimmer on Skin
  • Coconut Aroma
  • Body-Safe Formula
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Travel Size
  • Not Compatible with Latex Condoms
  • 1oz Bottle Size

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