As Partners, it is important to discuss about what gets you excited in the bedroom or even the discomforts you may experience while having sex. This helps to foster stronger relationship and ultimately allows you to have a pleasurable experience. When your partner understands your sensitive areas that are needed to be touched, and you understand how to please him or her in return, then sexual intercourse becomes sweeter without missing out on the spots.

When communicating your sexual preferences, ensure that you both are in a comfortable situation to discuss about your fears or excitements. Do not make requests while having sex as your partner may not take it well with you. Discussion with a good intention may be taken otherwise.

You can start the conversation with positive affirmations before delving into the main matter or even start with what turns you on before stating what turns you off. The main essence of conversing is to have an understanding about your partner’s body and not to judge his or her ability to perform.

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