Over the years, so many fertility cases have been tackled and in one out of every three cases, the problem is on the man’s end.

Normal sperm counts can decline leading to inability to fertilize an egg for conception to take place.

Let’s look at the things men do on an everyday business that might mess up normal sperm count & motility;

1. Consuming neem (dogonyaro) leaves in the form of herbal concoction(Agbo):

Neem(dogonyaro) leaves often taken in the form of local medicine ‘Agbo’ to treat malaria/typhoid immobilizes sperm, kills spermatozoa & blocks fertility in men.

2. Wearing of tight underwear often:

Can hurt sperm as heat emitted rises the temperature of the testicles. Sperm is produced in the testicles in a conducive temperature range so rise in temp causes inability of sperm production.

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3. Untreated infections:

Infections like chlamydia, UTI if left untreated in men can result in infertility.

4. Putting your laptop on your laps/thighs:

The heat from your laptop can affect the test!cles & affect the production/quality of your sperm.




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