A fresh door may be opened by adding a little spice to your relationship.

Seun and Shola have been married for 6 years and have decided to spice up their sexual connection.

We obtained the Lambo Vibrating butt plug and the Trident Anal plug to look at our work.

We went home early from work and I had just opened the package from @myspnigeria. We saw the Durex Cherry lubricant and knew what we had to do.

Or we thought so.

He lifted her up with one arm as he reached for the drawer to fetch the Thigh and Ankle Handcuff we acquired earlier to spice up our sex life.

He flogged my ass with the leather flogger numerous times and started kissing my butt cheeks, he blew air into my asshole and it sent shivers all over my body, Seun was driving me insane without doing anything else.

He lubricated my guts and I felt it flow. He then used the Lambi butt plug vibrator on my clitoris, causing me to spray all over the bed. Every time he pressed the plug further, I screamed louder and lost feeling in my legs. And I never expected to be this enthusiastic about a plug in my butt.

With his palm massaging my clitoris and flogger lashing my butt, I knew the sound proof wall wouldn’t be enough to keep the neighbours out.

“Hey honey, you’re now a graduate of Anal sex, it’s time for your post graduate program.”

I was still pondering his meaning when he removed the plug and replaced it with his greased D.

The sizes were different, but I felt a pleasure I have never felt before ?


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