“Every girl likes to fu*k, if she doesn’t give you the green light, you’re either not in a league or you’re just not her spec.

I for one, I love s*x a whole lot, but Tariq got me pinned down and after two years of having his d!ck alone, he left for the US. I understand that it is for the betterment of his future and if I am lucky, mine as well. He’s been gone for 18 months and in the sixth month, he asked if I was horny and how I was coping with it, I did not like touching myself or even the idea of my girls helping out, it was hard and I was becoming aggr*ssive and depr*ssed so often. Being the open minded lover and one who also had to f*ght hard to suppress Konji as well, we both agreed to get have s*x with random people, only that we must use protection at all times and we must not bang anyone more than two times.

That pact made me a freak and I did not even allow myself have s*x with anyone more than one time.”

Rofiat interrupted Aishat with a awkward laugh and asked: “experienced and educated s*x enthusiast, why are you telling me all these now?”

Aishat who had spent the last two weeks preparing herself for this conversation and now had no sh*me about what was at hand answered: I know how you were in school, I remember how loose your honey pot was, but Sodiq told my brother that you were freaking tight on your first night, that is no coincidence at all, you must have done something and I am ready to give whatever it takes to make my coochie tight for Tariq again, it’s the only way I can confidently say I did not have s*x with anyone or say I was at least disciplined with it”.

Rofiat was a stripper when they were in school, she always told all her potential clients she doesn’t have s*x with customers and charged more every time they brought up sex whenever she offered private services, Sadiq was the first Private customer she denied s*x and kept it going for 3 weeks until he paid for her time off the pole and in 3 dates, she decided to quit and stay with one man, she had to do all she could to make him think she was truly a virgin or at least, as tight as one.

“It’s actually simple” Rofiat said with a smirk, I got Kegel Balls from MySPNigeria on IG and I used it for two weeks, I wore it during the last days I was preparing for the wedding”

Aishat who did not believe her cut in and said, “you still had a gang bang sometime before the wedding ooo”

She replied with a smirk and said “I had to have my coochie stretched out by all my favourite c*cks as it was going to be my last time with any other type of di*k”

Fast forward to 2 weeks on the day of Tariq’s arrival.

She picked Tariq up from the airport and he asked that they lodged in an hotel first as he wanted to go to his parents place first before heading to her apartment on the other side of Kano.

Tariq had put in the extra work to his physique, his beards were so greasy and she could not get her hands out of it, 18 months of seeing his beards through the phone’s screen and she can hold it again.

After having lunch, Tariq poured a glass of Four Cosins wine for himself and his woman, she was skeptic about taking the wine as they both knew it got her in the mood and she wasn’t so sure if they had enough time to make out.

Tariq had other plans ?

They got comfortable as she was going through the pictures on her phone, they laughed and played so hard that the intoxication from the sweet wine did not seem real to them, Tariq started by hitting Aishat’s soft a$$ over and again accidentally, she smiled and acted ignorant, he kept burying his head on her chest and inhaling the musk created by her b??bs in the bra, she still stayed back as she was trying to play out sexual ignorance to the latter.

The last straw was a nose bump, she didn’t let this slide as she knew Tariq was socially awkward and was too gentle a man to make any move without her acting along.

They kissed for a long time as they exchanged memories in form of hormones, they kissed till her lips and tongue felt light and sore, it was passionate and fierce and in all of this time, Tariq only rubbed her back.


She took the initiative and sat up while they kept kissing, she started rocking her hips on his crotch, she rubbed her b??bs against his chest and she placed his hands on her a$$. He squeezed them so tenderly that she felt a need to ask him to get aggressive but she still had to maintain her act.

She was fully in charge now.


With lips locked, she took off his shirt and and she stopped to caress his n!pples sitted below his firm chest, his abs were so rough from fierce structure that she anticipated what he could do sexually with the energy she was seeing.

He got comfortable with squeezing her ass and was firm now, she pushed his back to the bed, sucked on his n!pple and started working her way down to his trousers, he had his hand folded behind his head and his eyes fully focused on what his woman was about to do.

She spent so much time on his upper body that he got impatient and took his trouser and briefs off.

The revelation of his co*k reminded her why she made him her go to d!ckman.

He had so much veins around his rod and as she stroked back and forth slowly, she fought the urge of sitting on him right there.

She ran her fingers through each vein as she studied the structure of his beautiful member.

He kept trying to push her head to suck him as her tease game was beginning to choke him.

She gave his d*ckhead a kiss and it throbbed severally in response, she opened up her lips to accommodate him, she had her lips lock the head and her tongue go all around in slow but intense pressure,  she had her fingers caress his balls while her other hand stroked back and forth.

Her lips had his d*ckhead locked properly and there was nothing he could to stop her now.

She had her hand stroke back and forth and started moving her head back and forth as well, she soaked up his dick properly, she had him where she wanted him.

He spoke in between and said: “I now know why I could not get my mind off you”

She paid little to no attention as she loved hearing him moan and grasp for air, she felt his balls contract and she was about to have him cum only 4 minutes after blowing him out.

He held her head down trying to make her Swallow his cum and she wasn’t a swallower so it felt like a thugwar. She kept stroking and with quick hand twists, she had him squirming and he lost his grip over her head, she had her hand pressure the tip of his d*ck and kept the other one stroking up and down as he came all over her hand, she kept stroking with the attempt of taking all he had to offer.

She then started cleaning up his sperm with her mouth and every touch had a grown man moan like a child, she cleaned him so perfectly and to repay her, he pulled her up, had her lay flat on the bed, he raised her legs up and apart and he tried to penetrate, he was met by a strong wall and he had to get down to the hood to work.

He stopped after seeing her coochie dripping wet but with a very small stretch. He stopped and said.

I think I am ready to go to my parents house now; I have found the wife they want.

Disappointed but excited, Aishat asked: “how then do you repay the blowjob?”

“I’d take you back to the US as my wife when we leave next week, I can’t break open a package you kept for me for so long without paying in full”

She had blue balls but she now had a husband.


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