Hey there,

I am Squirrel Vibrator, for many men, I can be mistaken as an home decor item and you have overlooked my abilities tossing me off the drawer when you want her ass up there instead.

So, I’d introduce myself for those who do not know.

I am a you and I offer great suction functions, my tail can serve as a flexible G-Spot stimulator and my mouth can work magic 7 out of 10 men cannot. I offer more than 7 different vibration frequencies and asides from granting you heavy orga5ms, there are no side effects attached to using me.

Here are the great perks of starting a relationship with me:
– My mouth is always ready for action,
– You can direct my tail to stroke back and forth to soothe your perfect rhythm while I reach for your G-Spot in the process,
– I made of silicone, I am safe to the skin and non-toxic
– I am waterproofed
– I am rechargeable.

I look forward to starting an exciting journey with you ?

Drop a comment below if you’d like to own me at a very affordable price.

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