Low libido is lack of response to sexual desires or lack of desire to participate or initiate sexual intercourse or avoiding  situations where you will have to engage in sexual activity with your partner.

Causes of low libido

  1. Hormonal imbalance
  2. Use of medications that decrease dopamine or increase brain opioids will decrease sexual excitation.
  3. Psychological conditions – depression, anxiety, relationship issues, fatigue & stress, low body image.
  4. Pregnancy & child birth can cause hormonal changes which will affect libido
  5. Medical conditions- diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain disorders, pelvic floor dysfunction or high tone pelvic floor.
  6. Unresolved conflicts in relationship
  7. Certain birth control methods
  8. Menopause

Low libido in women can lead to

  • Decreased self confidence
  • Relationship failure
  • Low body image

Treatment options

  • Resolve relationship conflict & if you can’t tackle your problem at home, seek professional help.
  • Opt for antidepressants/medications with fewer side effects.
  • Work past your trauma or bad sexual experiences & be open minded to exploring more in bed.
  • Set out time for intimacy
  • Use of medications to promote hormonal balance & improve sexual mood
  • Application of estrogen cream that releases estrogen into the vagina to increase blood flow.

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