Sex is more than simply having fun while you’re trying to conceive.
In order to increase your chances of getting pregnant, you want to get everything right in bed.

There are no known ways to induce pregnancy. However, making a few adjustments to the time and frequency of your romantic endeavors might improve your chances of success.

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When should one to have sex to get pregnant?

The most fertile part of your menstrual cycle is when you have the biggest chance of becoming pregnant. The five days leading up to and the day of ovulation are referred to as your “fertile window.”

The most likely times to become pregnant are the two days prior to ovulation and the day of ovulation. Your chances of getting pregnant will be highest if you have intercourse on those days.

Your ovary produces a mature egg during ovulation. That egg travels via your fallopian tube and into your uterus.

The sperm will (hopefully) encounter the egg along the way and fertilize it. Sperm have a five-day life span.

Therefore, if you’re attempting to get pregnant, your objective is to ovulate with living sperm in your Fallopian tubes.


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What symptoms indicate ovulation?

1. You can count your period days as one method.

2. Use an app or a calendar to record your menstrual cycles. Each cycle begins on the first day of your period and concludes the day before the beginning of your subsequent period.

3. Look for your cycle’s halfway. You will typically ovulate on day 14 of a 28-day cycle.

4. Additionally, keep an eye out for the following indicators of ovulation:

6. Vaginal discharge has changed. Your mucus will become thick and clear after you ovulate, resembling egg white in texture.

7. Increase in body temperature at rest After you ovulate, your body’s resting temperature will slightly rise. Before rising in the morning, you can check your BBT using a basal body temperature thermometer.
It should be noted that this cannot forecast ovulation; it can only inform you if you ovulated. But if you monitor your body temperature over a few cycles, you can later determine what cycle day you typically ovulate.

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Also available at pharmacies are over-the-counter ovulation kits. These tests can tell you when you’re most likely to be ovulating by looking for hormone changes in your pee.
For additional details, consult the test kit instructions.


What are the optimal Sex positions to get pregnant?

Each male orgasm releases hundreds of millions of sperm, therefore any unprotected intercourse performed around the period of ovulation might result in a pregnancy.

You have a possibility to become pregnant as long as sperm reach the vagina.

It has not been demonstrated that any certain sex positions boost the chance of conception.

However, some postures can be more advantageous than others for ensuring that those little swimmers make it to the egg.

The doggy position (man behind) and the missionary position (man on top) allow for deeper penetration, delivering sperm closer to the cervix.

Gravity works against you when you’re standing or sitting on top of another lady.

However, getting up soon after intercourse shouldn’t make you less likely to become pregnant. Sperm can swim rather well.

Within 15 minutes of being placed in the vagina, they can reach the cervix.


How often should you have sex to get pregnant 

Having intercourse too frequently lowers sperm quality and quantity, as you may have read.

According to certain studies, sperm are of higher quality when they are harvested 2-3 days following abstinence.

Additionally, studies have indicated that couples who have sex every 1-2 days experience increased odds of conception.

During your reproductive window, having a sexual encounter once a day or every other day will improve your chance of becoming pregnant.

Try to have sex more frequently, but don’t make a timetable for it. It could cause unneeded tension. In the end, how many times you feel comfortable having sex is the perfect number.

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Having unprotected sex at any point in time can lead to pregnancy, but doing so at specific periods increases these chances.
Pregnancy in some women (especially those above 40) can take a little longer, so if you and your partner have been trying for a while, do not pressure yourself too much because it can take time.

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