How to Start a Morning Sex Session and Why You Should

There is no disputing that drinking a hot cup of coffee is one of the nicest parts of waking up. You know what else is a fantastic way to start the day, though? sex in the morning.

That’s true, being busy shortly after you wake up provides just as many advantages as drinking coffee. Sex in the morning eases you into the workplace. It can increase your energy and reduce stress. Your mood will undoubtedly improve after having an orgasm. The nicest thing is that you become closer to your companion.

The truth is, there’s no excuse for you to skip morning sex from your everyday routine. Find out why by reading on.

9 incredible advantages of having morning sex.

Science is in agreement: morning sex is the best. That is due to…

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1. Your body is prepared to perform.

The best time to have sex is in the morning because, quite simply, your body is prepared for it.
That’s because this is the time when estrogen and testosterone are at their highest levels.
Why is that relevant? According to a 2013 research, your hormone levels have an impact on your libido; the greater they are, the friskier you feel.



2. He’ll last longer

Speaking about hormones, the sex gets better the more testosterone there is.

According to a 2007 study, high testosterone levels will increase your partner’s desire and enhance sexual performance.

A previous study from 2000 revealed that stronger erections can result from increased testosterone levels.


3. It releases the oxytocin “cuddle hormone.”

You and your lover may get more intimate after having morning sex. How so? The “cuddle hormone,” oxytocin, is produced during sexual activity.

The brain hormone that regulates connection and love is oxytocin. You’ll feel closer to your spouse when it’s released during sex.


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4. It helps you relax.

Do you want to eliminate stress? Have morning sex after that. Pleasurable sex can lower your stress hormone levels, according to a 2010 research.
Therefore, reaching a climax before leaving for work might make you feel terrific the rest of the day.



5. It causes endorphin release

Endorphins, the body’s magical pain-relieving chemicals that also help elevate mood, are produced during morning sex.

You typically feel happy after reaching a climax because of this. So why not have a positive outlook when you wake up?



6. It qualifies as exercise

Even if having morning sex isn’t the same as jogging for an hour on the treadmill, it still provides a great exercise.

According to Harvard Medical School studies, sexual activity burns roughly five calories every minute. That is equivalent to taking a stroll.

But wouldn’t you rather have a morning quickie that burned at least 75 calories?

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7. It benefits your brain.

Want to improve your mental capacity? The solution is morning sex. Numerous studies demonstrate that being active releases a variety of neurotransmitters and chemicals, especially dopamine, the feel-good hormone, which can enhance brain function and cognition.



8. It strengthens your immune system.

Yes, vitamin C may work wonders for your body’s defenses. But that also applies to being naughty in the morning.

According to a 2015 research, sex activates your body’s natural defenses against bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, which can increase your immunity.



9. It may make you appear younger.

Your own own fountain of youth may be your morning fling. Some specialists believe that sex, which produces oxytocin, beta endorphins, and other anti-inflammatory chemicals, is the secret to appearing youthful.

According to an earlier study, having sex at least three times each week might make you seem many years younger than those who have less sex.

This was published by BBC News. Even orgasms have a number of skin-friendly effects!


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8 strategies to get it done without worries.

Although spontaneous morning sex is fantastic, it doesn’t necessarily have to take place at the drop of a hat. You may arrange some playful time while still having hot sessions.
Continue reading for advice on how to schedule hot morning sex into your everyday schedule.



1. Time-related concerns?

It can interfere with your morning routine to have sex in the early morning hours, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you’re ambitious, set your alarm for an hour earlier so you can have sex before getting into the shower. Alternatively, start going instead of pressing the snooze button!



2. Not interested in setting an earlier alarm?

Nobody will hold it against you if you don’t want to sacrifice your restful sleep for morning sex. You may still accomplish the nasty work while getting a good night’s sleep.

Shower with a partner to save water, and while you’re at it, do a quickie. Both the environment and your body benefit from it.



3. Do you anticipate being too worn out?

Sure, you’ll undoubtedly feel sleepy when you wake up, but who doesn’t? But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a quick bedtime fun. You may enjoy yourself without doing any cardio.



4. Still not in the mood?

Simply put, foreplay. Try tickling each other’s erogenous areas in bed, such as the nipples, the area behind the ears, or the neck.
Have your partner give you oral when you start to feel in the mood, or the other way around. You’ll be ready to get horny after you’re incredibly hot and heavy.



5. Concerned about breath issues?

Don’t allow the fact that morning breath is unpleasant stop you from acting bizarre. Keep mints beside the bed, or stay away from close proximity.

If you want to reduce your exposure to morning breath, spooning, lotus, and doggy style are all excellent postures.



6. But do you still desire a kiss?

You need to consider other aspects of kissing outside just your lips. Your lips is kissable, but so are your neck, nipples, stomach, shoulders, and other parts of your body.
Additionally, kissing certain regions allows you to be intimate without worrying about morning breath.



7. Concerned about the lighting?

Morning sex is best performed in gentle, flattering daylight, which creates the ideal atmosphere. However, if you’re concerned about lighting, you might start by hiding it and gradually come out. Alternately, you may close your shades and go to work as the shadows outline your bodies.

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8. Uncertain still?

Not really convinced by morning sex? Then consider alternative ways to become horny without having sex. Oral with an IOU for later in the day is always an option.






Want some motivation? seven locations to for best morning sex 

It’s not necessary to have dull morning sex! Even though you’re still exhausted, you may still have a lot of fun.

You won’t even need to demonstrate your acrobatic abilities with these positions—you already know you have them. Actually, everyone benefits from this.



1. Spooning

Want to avoid doing a lot of work? So spooning is your finest sexual move. You may both feel at ease and have an intimate moment in this posture.

Face each other in the same direction so that your partner may access you from behind with their fingers, penis, or even a sex toy. A synchronized beat must be maintained for optimal stimulation.



2. Doggy

Let’s face it, everyone adores dogs. The traditional posture known as “doggy style” is excellent for deep thrusting and is quite enjoyable for both participants.

As your spouse penetrates you from behind with their penis, fingers, or a sex toy while on their knees, you should be standing on all fours on the bed or the floor.

Alternately, you might try leaning over the bed while your spouse is standing. Your spouse should lay on their back while you stand on all fours above their head. This is also a terrific position for oral sex.



3. The heated wrap

The steamy position of the heated wrap is ideal for finger play. Your spouse should then climb on top of you once you’ve laid on your back.

Ask them to lie on you with their backs against yours. By wrapping your arm over their hips, you may begin to vibrate or use your fingers to nudge their clitoris.

You can play with their nipples with your other hand.

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4. Cowgirl

You desire to be in charge. then attempt the cowgirl pose. Another enjoyable, traditional position that gives you control over your enjoyment is this one.

To do this, straddle your spouse while they are on their back. This will let you ride while controlling the depth and rate of penetration.

For optimal enjoyment, be sure to alternate between shallow and deep thrusts.



5. The side 69

The side 69 position is ideal for providing and receiving oral without exerting much effort. Turn around and face your lover while resting on your side.

Then, while still lying on your side, adjust your head position such that you may stimulate one of their genitalia while the other does the same.


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6. Ankle choker

In all seriousness, one of the sexiest movements in the book is the ankle choker. Your spouse is on their knees facing you while you are lying on your back with your legs raised in the air.

Allow your feet to rest on your partner’s shoulders once you are in place. To hold your legs together and to one side of their chest, you can also ask your spouse to wrap one of their arms over your ankles.

Have your spouse press your legs forward till you are folded in half for deeper penetration.



7. The black swan,

Interested in a morning alone time? Try the black swan next. Put your hand beneath your side while you lay face down on your stomach. Start stimulating yourself with your fingers or a toy, as desired.

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There are several advantages to morning sex: Your energy level is quite high. You don’t feel as anxious. You become close to your companion. You can appear years younger.

Additionally, you have a bit, or a lot, of fun at the beginning of your workday. There is no excuse for you to skip include a little frolic between the covers in your morning routine.

If once a day seems a little too bold, try once every three days.

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