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Most women do not know how to initiate sex & men are likely the only ones who initiate sex in the relationship majority of the times.

Truth is men like doing the chase but also men like to feel desired so when you never make an attempt to initiate it, he is left to wonder if you are really into him.

Here are some tips on how to ask for more:

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1. Give him a body massage

Massage helps a man relax and also releases his feel good hormones which puts him in the mood. Now you hands on his body translates into intimacy and gets him all worked up.

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2. Write him a Sex poem

Men like to be romanticized too. Put down a few nice words for him, talk about how he makes you and your girly parts feel, stroke his ego and make him show you more of what he’s capable of.

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3. Purchase a new adult toy and suggest him trying it out


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4. Suggest a challenge in bed.

Like first one to reach climax will have to cook for today. Definitely you have to do the do to know who wins.

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5. Put forth multiple activities to try

Do you want a hand job blow job or do you want to play temple run with me?

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