Orgasm causes intense feelings of pleasure, improves a person’s mood, relieves stress, boosts immunity & fosters better relationship. Word on the streets is if you give her crazy orgasm she’ll always be down for you mo matter what.

Now, how to give & achieve the body shaking orgasm



Libido boosting vagina cream

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It prepares the body & mind. Your mind is turned on & is already longing for that pleasure so it makes it easy to achieve & foreplay makes the vagina wet. 


Spanish gold fly

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Moan, dirty talk

It feels good to let it all out,just don’t stay there, grasp the moment, tell your partner naughty things, make sounds. It gets the juices flowing, heightens your excitement & activates all regions of your brain.

Rose 3 pro vibrator, clit sucker

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Stimulate the clits

The only purpose of the clits is for pleasure. It is packed with so many tissues that can give the most intense pleasure,  vaginal orgasm isn’t always guaranteed but see clitoral orgasm, it is always sure.


Water based lube

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The wetter the better

Friction & dryness causes discomfort & pain . Proper lubrication takes intimacy level  to a greater height & puts your body on the path to Orgasm

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