I learnt recently that people send fake results to the church marriage counselling committee when preparing for their wedding. There are so many reasons one could come up with this as an excuse to avoid certain secrets being revealed.

I sha know say na mumu move.

Here’s why:

When your partner says they do not have any STI or they are AA, you allow the blindness attached to love fool you into believing them and the mistakes that decision would birth would haunt you for a long time. Many of us are worried of the outcome of things but there is a whole lot of medical solutions available, and the first step is to diagnose your problem.

Churches only highlight your HIV status, blood group and genotype as well as the pregnancy status of the bride to be.

It is widely insufficient and in recent times, some people have because of shame turned away from the real questions to be asked.

Here’s why I want you to take MySP Nigeria into consideration as they helped me dodge a bul*et; not by calling off my marriage but by planning.

MySP Nigeria does not check for the HIV status alone, they also facilitate tests that cover a wide array of STI detection panel, the Rhesus factor is not ignored and when both parties have chances of making unhealthy babies, they recommend possible solutions, they also facilitate fertility tests, so I do not have to be worried about DNA paternity later in the future.

If you are yet to be married, send the admin a message and make enquiries on how to book for pre-marital test screening.

The icing on the cake is that they are discreet and should in case you do not know how to break the news to your partner, they would guide and counsel you on how to do so.

Do not let laziness allow you make a wrong decision on the first of many decisions to follow your vows.

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