Whiskey Dick: What It Is & How To Avoid It

Whiskey dick is an alcohol induced sexual dysfunction where a man temporarily cannot get or maintain an erection after consuming too much alcohol.

This term is mostly used for a person with a penis and the vagina equivalent for this condition is known  as whiskey clit or whiskey vagina.

This condition is associated with a temporary inability to get an erection, some may get an erection but not be able to maintain the erection through out the sexual activity followed by a longer time to reach an orgasm.

Why Is This So?

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant meaning it slows down brain activity and other organs of the body including the penis. It can also slow your reaction time and ability to focus.

Little alcohol intake will not really interfere with a man’s sexual function but when so much alcohol is taken or if taken in excess, it impacts a man’s sexual function leading to reduced stimulation and reduced sexual desires. Also, alcohol alters pathways for blood circulation which then interferes with arousal and ability to get an erection.

Excessive alcohol consumption also impacts testosterone production( testosterone is the male hormone responsible for sexual function). Research shows that testosterone levels drops in the body 30 minutes after alcohol consumption leading to decreased sexual performance and weak erections.

This condition will last until the body metabolizes the alcohol before the body will go back to normal.

What to do when this happens?

The best way to handle this situation is be honest with your partner, tell them the alcohol is kicking you worst than you thought and even though you feel fine, your little man doesn’t feel that way.

Or forget about penetration and try other ways to give your partner pleasure, the pleasure will be one sided but be sure to tell them that they owe you one and bank on receiving it another time.

How to avoid it

  • Eat before drinking
  • Switch between alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks
  • Don’t mix alcohol with weed or drugs
  • Opt for drinks with lower alcohol content

Does this happen to women too?

Alcohol can affect women too. It can hinder arousal, sexual satisfaction and decreases vagina wetness.


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