Sex in the bedroom is unbeatable and romantic but when that becomes the only place you ever have it, it becomes a routine then it becomes boring and we certainly do not want that. Here are a few naughty locations to ty out the fun;


1. Car Sex 

All you have to do is choose the perfect place to park and then get to it. Oh, you’re totally going to smell like sex right afterwards.


2. Hotel Sex 
Typically when you are in a hotel, you usually leave the stress & pressure of your everyday life behind, hotels get you more relaxed and you open up more.

HiddeAlso it encourages loud moaning as you no longer care about neighbors listening in and there’s something about being attended to by the staff.




3. Office Sex

It feels deliciously illicit, the thrill of getting caught and doing it behind everyone’s back just adds to the excitement.


4. Pool Sex

The plain old missionary position is completely out of this location, so you’re left to explore other positions and it’s a public place so the thrill of getting caught heightens the pleasure.


So, do you do bedroom Sex every time or you’ve tried one of these locations?


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