Things women want in bed

“Giving a woman the kind of sex she wants” is a subject that has sparked lots of questions in many minds. The exact answer may never be known but, here’s our take on it.
It is very important to care whether your partner is enjoying her sexual life enough and if she is not, then you need this guide to tell you what you should do.

Regardless of our gender or gender identity, we all want to please our partners although that is not what is playing out because women’s pleasure hasn’t historically been a priority.

A study conducted shows that about 95% of heterosexual men say they usually or always climax during sex, while only 65% of heterosexual women say they usually or always orgasm that is compared to orgasm from self-stimulation, that’s the lowest orgasm rate of all of the demographics.

Although this advice is geared toward caring men wanting to please their female partners, we suggest this advice for all types of relationship configurations.

Regardless of what gender you are, you can focus on the masculine and feminine energy dynamics and apply these tips as you see fit.


1. Use Flirting To Make Her Anticipate Sex

If you want to get her all worked up and excited then you need to learn how to flirt. Tease her with sexy words and play with her intimately.

Your words act as a lubricant to ease her mood and active her imagination. Make her anticipate what is to come. Tell her how you want to have her and make her scream with pleasure.

Use words to make her expose her soft spots then you can start to work on her body.


2. Make Eye contact

Eye contact is important. Having constant eye contact can be incredibly sexy. Show her how much you want to pleasure her through your eyes.

Let your eyes communicate during normal conversations and when you are having sex. Eye contact shows your partner that you are not afraid of showing yourself to them.

It creates deep trust and intimacy between both of you.

Try maintaining eye contact while kissing, and as things progress then let your kisses travel to other parts of her body, such as her breasts or stomach and thighs.

Find opportunities to give her playful, conspiratorial glance. When you penetrate her, let’s say with fingers, a toy or a penis, make sustained eye contact with her again, so that both of you can register how both of you are feeling.


3. Teasing

Work on her imagination. Teasing is a great way to turn things around and an incredible way to build tension.

Think about it like this, women like to be followed and wooed into liking a man. This is why teasing is effective as you can play with her imagination, talk dirty to her, make her want to touch you but don’t allow her just yet.


Start verbally. Once begin to touch her, ask questions like, “Do you like this? Do you want more? Should I suck your boobs?”

You can now progress to using your lips and tongue on her stomach, things and then progress to her clitoris.

After you can move to penetrate her but start by edging little by little before full penetration.


4. Oral

Women love oral sex. Having orgasms in women goes far deeper than penetration alone. Women love oral sex a lot because it provides more clitoral stimulation that will make her orgasm.

This doesn’t mean that penetration is off the table, at all but most vulva owners need some kind of clitoral stimulation to orgasm. It is always important to find your partner’s unique erogenous zones.


5. Make Her Feel Sexy

After all the physical things that you can do for your partner, there is also one very important thing that you must remember. You need to let your partner know and feel sexy. Make her know you want her and that her body is just okay.

Confidence is after all, the first step to feeling pleasure. Teach your partner how to love her body, make her feel good in her own skin.

Making time for one’s sexual wellness can boost confidence level, which can help increase arousal and pleasure.


6. Try A Variety of Positions

Trying out different positions during sex can be very sexy to for women as it keeps things interesting and it introduces new sensations for our bodies to enjoy.

Change your sex position after every few minutes. Each position has its advantages, when you switch to a position like cowgirl, it gives more control to the woman as she can control things like thrusting and how deep the penis enters.

Missionary style allows for more intimate contact and allows for making more sustainable eye contact between both of you.

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7. Make Use Of Sex Toys

Sex toys can be your wingman, helping your woman achieve orgasm. Recently Sex toys have advanced a lot due technology.

The feeling of shared adventure here is the sexy piece, you both get to discover little moments together and sharing with each other what makes you feel good.

Sex toys also destroys retrograde stereotypes about what body parts are supposed to deliver pleasure, and what body parts are supposed to receive it.


Maybe your partner likes to be pegged, or when a penis owner’s prostate is stimulated by their partner using a strap-on dildo.

Your partner could love doing this for you and maybe she’d like anal play. Having butt plugs can be a great thing your partner. By welcoming SEX TOYS into the bedroom, you expand your sense of play with your partner and after all, play is a huge part of sex.


8. Rhythmic Movement

This is very important when she is near orgasm. It’s not the time to switch it up, with positions or toys. When she starts moaning louder and she starts talking dirty, then trust me don’t stop what you are doing.

If you’ve achieved this step, you have done a great job, and now is the time to enjoy her moans, while adding yours too.

Rhythmic movement whether it’s happening with a toy, a tongue, or a penis helps facilitate the muscle contractions of that cause orgasm, so your job here is to keep doing exactly what you are doing to make her orgasm.



Pleasuring a woman can be confusing if you don’t know what to do. The important thing here is that you are trying to give pleasure to your partner.

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