What if I tell you an erotic renovation is the spice your relationship desperately needs.

Have you ever imagined a space in your own home designed for you to go in and just fuck or to enjoy sensual bliss? If you’ve watched the series fifty shades, then you have an idea of what I am talking about; we’re talking about the red room where most of Christian’s and Anastaesia’s sexual rendezvous happened. The red room in Christian’s house was designed purely for Christian(Mr Grey) and his partner’s sexual pleasures and we see that in the course of the movie Ana began to enjoy plays in the red room even more.

Are you getting the picture now? Your very own sex room in your own house, but we wont be limiting it to a red room with just a fancy bed, whips and chains, rather, think of it as a haven designed with your sexual needs in mind that allows you widen your sexual horizons and allows you indulge in deeper sexual frenzies; so we’ll call it a therapy room.

You might think your bedroom is the same as a sex room but that is far from true, a sex room provides a space with more privacy than the bedroom, it instantly sets the mood for sex, brings in the thrill of having a secret room in your house designed for only love making and different sexual plays, brings in the novelty that whenever your partner mentions or takes you to that part of the house you know its going to be a steamy affair.

It also allows you explore your sexual fantasies as it contains all the essentials your sex life needs. A sex room also allows you feel more confident and relaxed to explore sexual kinks. Your therapy room is not a one fit all, it is designed based on your preference and sexual needs.

When it comes to enjoying the act of pleasure, it takes more than just a bed & partners involved; the space plays a huge impact, the smell and setting of the space & sex enhancers also play a huge impact.

Give yourself the pleasure and your mind the thrill, its time to own a secret sex haven(therapy room) with a space specifically designed to match your sexual preference and drawers full with all kinds of toys meant to give you different levels of pleasure. It also comes with different furnitures that eases sexual positions, candles/aromas, different toys and BDSM items.

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