A kink is a not so sexy idea that makes a person more aroused, the thought of it gives you a thrill & you want to indulge in it.

So lets’s look at three(3) very common sexualkinks people have:

1. Breeding kink

The thought of getting that girl pregnant makes your penis hard or when you are in the heat of the moment and you see your penis sliding in and out of her, then you look at her face and you fantasize about how much of a good mother she would be so you just want to fertilize her egg so she gives you a baby. This entire thought gives you a thrill and makes your penis even get harder. Women have this kink too, you just want him to get you pregnant real bad. This risky, in the moment fantasy you are having is called BREEDING KINK.

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This kink involves consensual power exchange where a submissive partner allows the dominant partner control various sexual scenes. This kink involves vulnerability, control, submission, power play, bondage, role playing and a whole lot more with an intended reward of intense pleaseure.

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3. Consensual non-consent

This is when the idea of you being forced gives you the thrill. The keyword here is consent ofcourse so you fantasize about a scene where you’ve given your consent but you want the experience to feel forced and a little rough around the edges. Yes, many people do have this kink.

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