There is always that thrill that comes with doing something sexy and dangerous at the same time. The human mind seeks adventure even if getting caught might have some serious consequences.

There is nothing that tops up like having sex in a public place. Imagine the thrill banging your partner in a hotel restroom or in a car and you can hear voices of people passing by.
There is this fear of not getting caught
and then the passion in the air at that moment makes that experience memorable.

Having public sex is something that should be put on a bucket list so that when it is accomplished and you tick that box, you know that you have accomplished something that many people long to do but lack the courage to accomplish.

In case you have been having this fantasy and you wish to try it out.

Here are some of the best places to have public sex:

Before you go on with your plans please remember to not get caught.

With all that being said, here is our list.

In a Museum

A Museum is a perfect place to have sex. Think of it like this, you are surrounded by beautiful art pieces from brilliant people all from different periods in time.

Search for a quiet area like a storage room or any place void of people because museums have very tight security. Having sex here is like making your own art with the person you love.

You are your own Picasso and Da Vinci and that erotic moment filled with love and passion is your piece. If you manage to accomplish this, then you will remember it for as long as you live.

In the library.

A library always have strict rules that when you disobey could get you banned. Having sex in a library is the ultimate way to prove your dominance.

While people are busy with their study, you and your partner can sneak behind one of those huge book shelves and get naughty.

Since you cannot make any sounds because you will get caught, the heat of the moment builds intense feelings which makes you orgasm like never before.

At a restaurant

People go to a restaurant to eat up and quench their hunger. This is a perfect place for you to quench your own hunger for passionate sex.

The restroom in a restaurant can help you achieve this fantasy. All you need to do is to find that perfect moment when nobody is in there.

Also the toilet seats provide a good platform for doggy and chair-straddling  sex positions.

On a boat

What could be more romantic like having sex on a boat. Whether it’s at a party or on a vacation, there could be nothing more satisfying than sex on a boat surrounded by all that water.

You can sneak out of the crowd with your partner to a quite place and get all freaky. There are many memories you could make on a boat but a good sex is the best of them all.

On the beach.

Sex on the beach is like sex in heaven. The beach is packed with fun and so much to enjoy. The sight of beautiful men and women in swim suits brings the urge of having great sex.

It is also the perfect time to do so. You could find a great spot away from peoples eyes and have some sweet sex.

In a park.

Talk about connecting with nature. What best way to do this than to have sex out in the open with all the grass and trees around.

The best time to have sex in a park is when there are few people around and there is no traffic on the surrounding roads. Pick a great spot where no one can see you two.

A park is filled with fresh air which cools off your body during sex and makes the whole process much more pleasurable.

In a car.

When you have a car, you can have sex practically any where you wish to. If your car has tinted glasses, you can park around any corner and have great sex while people are walking around and no one notices. In case your windows are not tinted, you can drive to a less crowded place where no one will notice. Since a car has little space in it, it presents the opportunity for closer and more romantic contact as both you and your partner are both pressed together.
You can stare directly into
each others eyes while you have sex.


Public sex still remains a fantasy to many people but in case you dare to try it, these locations mentioned above are some of the best you could choose to make your fantasy a reality

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