Don’t give excuses about been away from your all day and don’t let distance put a strain to your relationship and sex life
Lovebirds in long distance relationships & all the lovebirds Sexting is correctly the flavor your relationship needs.

When done correctly it is the flavor your relationship needs, it’s a great connection tool & does magic to your mental health too.

Sexting helps in reassurance, relationship satisfaction,boosts body confidence & couples enjoy the thrill of engaging in it.

Now how to sext

1. Timing is key

To get the desired satisfaction, it should be done when you & your partner are not occupied with other things & be aware of what your partner’s doing before you initiate it.

2. Get in the mood

Let the conversation lead to it & show interest that you are ready to play, but take it slow, maintain a slow build up to work their mind.

3. Get into a role

Your role is a partner whose h0rny & ready to do all the naughty things to their partner. paint that fantasy in your partner’s mind & get into the moment yourself.

4. Bring the flamingo toy to the mix

Mysp flamingo

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Secret to sexting/phone Sex is flamingo wear less vibrator, the toy is controlled with an app so distance does not matter. Stimulate her G spot wherever you are & be in total control of her orgasm.
She feels the effect, you feel the adrenaline rush

5. Touch yourself &incorporate adult toys to the mix

Touch your pleasures zones & asides the flamingo, there are other toys that’ll give you the in person Sex feel.

6. Dirty talk

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Your words paint a visual in your partner’s mind, your words can also guide your partner through the moment & you can also describe how your body is reacting, use words that will trigger a rush in their bodies & incorporate sexy emojis.

Now you know don’t give excuses about been away from your partner all day or don’t let distance put a strain to your relationship.

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