We all know that sometimes, we get that emergency kind of horniness without our partner being there. It is totally normal for you to feel horny at any point in time and at anywhere, whether you are sexually active or not. You can always enjoy your partner’s dick for the private and the Dkay penis for public purpose.


So, does sex in the public sound exciting to you? With the Dkay Dildo Vibrator, it allows you to fully satisfy yourself at various places without being charged for indecent exposure and sex acts in the public.


The wearable Dkay dildo vibrator, will pleasure you wherever, whenever and everywhere you go!  It takes the shape of a penis and has vein like ridges on it, emulating when a dick stands firm, hard and erect. The shape also is perfectly curved to fit into the vagina. The vibrations will engulf your whole vagina leaving you extremely pleasured.  It is quieter than the eternal type of vibrators which is an advantage if you want to be discreet in public.


Simply wear it with your tight panties, place the remote in your hand bag and push the start button or give your partner the remote control while you enjoy uninterrupted supply of stimulation everywhere you go.




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