Are you tired of being all alone with no companion? Do you get dissatisfied with the quality and quality of sex you receive? Do you want to feel his or her skin without having to put on a condom or without the fear of the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases?  Do you want to improve your prowess in the bedroom? The sex doll is a great answer to uncomplicated intimate relationships concerns. You can do every sexual thing you desire with the sex doll.

The Koekoe doll is made out of topnotch material that has a silky feel, making it as real as a man’s skin. The penis is always firm and erect for passionate sex. There are no issues of premature ejaculation, unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases with koekoe. Whatever way you choose to ride him, koekoe will bend to your command and ensure that all your sweet spots are left wildly stimulated. Koekoe has a well built body with pointed nipples and balls for sucking. With Koekoe, you can adequately practice being a pro at giving head.

Guys, we have also got you covered with the Ukwu 2.0 Butt doll. Her skin is so perfect, smooth, and butt well rounded in shape thus allowing you to caress her while you penetrate her from the back. Ukwu’s vagina fits all penis sizes and grips the penis properly at each stroke. Her labia is well detailed and butt is in doggy style position. Ukwu is always at your beck and call giving you the non stop pleasure you desire.



…Koekoe and Ukwu never dissappoints!!!


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