Only a selected few know how to sustain a relationship for long till it reaches the permanent site.

This is why Mysp Nigeria has curated the Pleasure Buffet that will  help make your love as a couple wax stronger, both in the bedroom and outside.

We’re talking about your very own sex kit hand picked by you for only 35,000NGN. This Pleasure Buffet is packed with a list of 15 interesting items where you are expected to select 5 items to match the flavor of your bedroom play.

Pleasure buffet

This buffet is a must own for vacation sex, a good ‘ol weekend time for couples, whoever’s looking to boost their  ta-ta-ta experience or who wants to deeply understand their partner as a couple, making it dificult for any side chick or guy to invade your union.

Mysp Pleasure Buffet List For November:

Spanish gold fly

1. Spanish gold fly – 1 sachet

Spanish gold fly is an aphrodisiac, it tantalizes your body & boost your sexual desire making you all ready & horny for your partner & greatly increases the chances of having an explosive climax. It has a good effect on both male & females. This works better when used with energy drinks.

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Rafiu cock ring

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2. Rafiu Cock ring

This toy is worn around the penis for a long lasting erection & to delay quick release. The brush on the ring stimulates the clitoris while thrusting, making it easy for your woman to reach orgasm & it inspires couples to reach ultimate pleasure. It can be worn when receiving a blow job or hand job to intensify the pleasure & stimulation.

Legendary Samsu oil

3. Samsu – 1 bottle

This  is a topical medication that treats premature ejaculation. It works by reducing the level of sensitivity of the nerves of the penis so as to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation and to prolong your sexual power. Samsu oil has no proven side effect at all. How to use: Use 15-20 minutes before intercourse, clean the penis  with warm/cold water to remove dirt then apply the oil on your penis. Wait for 15 minutes then wash your penis clean with water.

P.S.  If blow job is a part of your agenda, make sure you wash off before you start.

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Massage oil

4. Massage oil

Massages are great for relieving tension, helping you recover,  reduce symptoms of stress & boost blood flow. Bring this massage oil to the mix to give your partner a sleek & good massage, what’s better is a good massage time can lead to passionate love making.

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Ultimate rose

5. Rose vibrator

Climax like never before with this vibrator, it has licking feature that stimulates the clits real good and a  G-spot stimulating knob that promises a pulsating orgasm experience. Sis, enjoy this toy alone or bring it to bed with lover & watch it give you the climax you never imagined.

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Moist lubricant

6. Moist lubricant – 1 pack

This is a water based lube that enhances pleasure & reduces friction making the genitals all wet & slippery during sex. It has been developed to mimic natural body fluids so it acts as a moisturizer for vaginal dryness. Also, if anal play is on the agenda, the use lube is a must.

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Bullet vibrator

7. Bullet vibrator

Stimulate your partner’s pleasure spots with this toy. It is perfect for clitoral, nipple & testicle stimulation during foreplay & sex. Strong vibrations on the tip of the vibrator is the perfect spice you need for a toe curling & body shaking orgasm.

Thigh sling

8. Thigh sling

This allows you to stay in those perfect positions for the best angles of penetration! Comes with a soft neck and leg rests that provide comfortable cushions as you recline. Neither you, nor you partner will have to hold those legs up with your hands anymore, leaving them free to roam to other body parts.

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Metallic handcuffs

9. Handcuff

Hold your partner’s hands in place and give or take pleasure from them as you see fit. Also, bring in power play to your bedroom activities.

Warm touch lubricant

10. Warm touch lubricant – 1 pack

This is a powerful lubricant for clitoral orgasms, creates a gentle warming sensation on contact with the clits & triggers the much needed wetness which makes every stroke/penis thrust extra satisfying.

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50 position sex card

11. 50 positions Sex card

New ideas, new ways is the oxygen that keeps the flame of love burning and that is what this set of cards brings into your love life. Get into positions that will give you mind blowing pleasure with the help of this cards.

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Embagra forte

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12. Embagra forte – 1 pack

Embagra is designed to enhance a man’s erection and delay his ejaculation simultaneously till his partner is satisfied, there are two packs in an order & four tablets in a pack . Direction Of Use: One tablet is to be taken after food, one hour before intercourse.

Kamasutra dice

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13. Kamasutra dice

Let this dice rekindle the spark in your relationship & make your love making session more exciting for you & your partner. The dice shows you really great sex positions you should try & the cool thing about this dice is it glows in the dark.

Postinor 2

14. Postinor 2

An emergency contraceptive that is effective when used within 72 hours of unprotected sex. After an amazing genitals meet & greet session, a morning after pill puts your mind to rest on issues about unwanted pregnancies.

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Masturbator beer

15. Masturbator beer

This is a beer shaped power stroker with incredible functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation. All you have to do is apply a generous amount of lube & put your slong in it & allow it pleasure you intensely.

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Lastly, MyspNigeria reshuffles the list of items monthly so you can be rest assured that every month will have a different flavor for pleasure. Send us message on Whatsapp to order or for more details.

P.S Each pack comes with a surprise gift item.

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