A healthy sperm is one that has the capacity to fertilize a female egg.

There are factors that determines fertility of a sperm & these factors are;

  • Sperm count(the volume of sperm cells ejaculated)
  • Sperm motility (how sperm swims)
  • Shape(size & shape)

How To Increase Sperm Count & Improve Sperm Fertility 

1.Avoid putting your laptop on your laps/thighs

The heat from a laptop can affect the testicles & affect the production/quality of a man’s sperm. Sperm is produced in the testicles & sperm needs to be at the right temperature to stay healthy & overheating by the heat from the laptop can reduce sperm count & production.

2. Wear loose boxers & sleep without underwear

We’re still talking about overheating, allow lots of air to flow to your scrotum to make the temperatures suitable for healthy sperm production & to avoid rise of testicular temperature.

3. Supplement with bio maca

Bio maca promotes hormonal balance, improves reproductive health & enhances sexual stamina.

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4. Quit smoking cigarettes

Smoking lowers sperm count, decreases sperm motility(how sperm swims) & increases DNA damage. Also, male smokers have fewer healthy shaped sperm.

5. Use addyzoa sperm booster to increase sperm count , sperm motility & prevent DNA damage to sperm.

6. Eat more natural foods that helps to boost sperm count

Like carrot, apple, avocado, peanuts, walnuts.

7. Treat STIs/infections

STIs like chlamydia & gonorrhea if left untreated can cause infertility in men.


* Pro tip: To increase chances of fertilization, use pre seed lubricant during sexual intercourse to support sperm quality & aid the survival of sperm as it mimics fertile fluids & provides optimal sperm environment.

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