Men get hard in a moment & an average male orgasm can be 6-9 contractions but for women……..

An average female orgasm can be 9-12 contractions, however, women arouse slower than men & need longer stimulation to become aroused; when she’s aroused, the clits & vaginal area enlarges & begins to drip juice making her well lubricated & makes sexual activities pleasurable for both her & her lover.

You need time to work a woman up to get her aroused & her juices flowing, this is why foreplay is important, don’t rush to penetration or touching her dry clits & vagina; rather stimulate her mind, touch her body, play & fondle her boobs, kiss passionately & roam your hands over her body before getting to the vagina.

Foreplay helps her relax, sets her in the mood, brings out the freak in her, helps her get well lubricated & increases a woman’s chances to achieve orgasm because the body is very worked up & extra sensitive.

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