Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a common problem in men today and it can be very embarrassing and often hard to deal with.
There are few methods of treating PE which can range from short term to long term solutions. Just to note PE can be treated so if you are experiencing it, it’s not a death sentence to your sex life.

Here are few tested methods of treating premature ejaculation.

Try These Methods To Delay Ejaculation

Extend period for foreplay

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Instead of jumping right into penetration, extend the period of foreplay you have. Work on your partner and touch her intimately.
Do more of kissing and oral stimulation, use sex toys like a vibrator or dildo so that you can stimulate her without penetration.

Wait till your partner is near orgasm before beginning penetration so that you both can orgasm at the same time.


Apply a topical anaesthetic to your penis

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There are anaesthetics which can be used to numb the penis and prolong sex and delay orgasm. Apply these delay sprays at least 15-20 minutes before sex.

Wipe off your penis properly to avoid numbing your partner.


Wear a climax control condom

A normal condom has a very thin layer but a climax control condom has a very thick layer which reduces the sensation from penetration.

Some delay condoms use a numbing agent like benzocaine or lidocaine to reduce sensation on the surface of the penis.


Masturbate a few hours before intercourse

Masturbating one to two hours before sex may help delay ejaculation during intercourse with your partner.

You may not be able to predicted sex beforehand in every case, but when you can, this technique might be helpful to delay ejaculation.


Try the Stop-squeeze technique

The stop-squeeze technique is a form of premature ejaculation control that allows you to near the point of climax and then back off suddenly by holding the tip of the penis until the sensation subsides.

Once you feel that you are near orgasm, pull out your penis and gently press the tip till the sensation goes down before resuming penetration.

You can repeat this process for as long as desired.


Practice Kegel exercises

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Pelvic floor exercises aren’t just for people who have a vagina only, individuals who have a penis can also build and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

This may help you maintain sexual activity longer and prevent premature ejaculation.

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