According to a recent survey by obstetricians and gynecologists, 3 out of 4 women will experience pain during intercourse at some point during their lifetime.

This is as a result of vagina tightness also known as vaginismus. This is a pelvic floor condition where the muscles in the vagina involuntarily contract making a person too tight to penetrate & even difficulty & pain when inserting a tampon. It happens automatically, you have no control over it.

This can cause so much distress, causes relationship breakdown, makes it difficult to have children & patients often feel alone & have a sense of guilt.

Treatment for this is focused on  retraining the muscles held in tension & this can be done using graduated vaginal dilators.

Vagina dilator

Vaginal dilators are used internally to help improve the accommodation & flexibility of the tissues around & inside the vagina. It comes in progressive graduated sizes which you can increase over time. It is easy to use for beginners & slides into the vagina easily. It shouldn’t cause any pain if you do it slowly & gently. The dilator should feel snug not painful.

Most importantly this can be treated only when you speak up and seek medical help.


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