We had just finished the youth retreat and I felt distant from my real life.

Don’t get it wrong, I love God, a whole lot, but this lifestyle was not how I fell in love with the person of God.

Hey there, I am about to share my experience of what was supposed to be the most boring day of my entire adulthood as myself, my wife and 4 other couples were to share an apartment for a week long Youth Couple Retreat.

I have a laid back wife and its understandable because there is no way to put all of my freakishness in check if not by getting married to someone calm and reserved, well, not totally true as my wife has days when she is very crazy that I wonder what God does when she goes down on me and handles my d!ck almost better than she handles the microphone on some days.

I was hoping to see that part of her again this weekend, but I was wrong.

Or was I?

We headed towards Abeokuta to go site-seeing and visit Olumo Rock for the last thing on our list, on our way to Abeokuta, I reminded them of the convener’s closing remark and tried to put to act what his wife said when she encouraged younger women to always stay in vogue and constantly ensure they controlled the erect pen!s of their husbands.

Yes, I was ready to get Christian brothers and sisters freaky and I loved it.

We got a serviced apartment in the heart of Abeokuta, and we were to play and have fun at the common room before heading back to our rooms, I assumed the position of Games Master and got Irish Cream as its sweet nature often masked its effectiveness as a strong alcohol.

I brought out the drinking Dice and got to work.

The rest they say is history.

That night, my wife and I learnt new godly s?x positions, we learnt from each other, shared some of our greatest fears and returned to our rooms wasted but excited by all the knowledge we had acquired.

I strongly recommend the drinking dice for friends as you are only made to do what your dice asks you to do. It is advisable for use only among adults, do not force, or manipulate anyone into participating and know when to stop.

We had fun, you should too!

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