Kegel exercises

Tighten Your Vagina Faster With Kegel Exercises

We have all you need to know if you’re attempting to figure out how to utilize Kegel balls to build up your pelvic floor muscles.

You might desire to strengthen your pelvic floor for a variety of reasons. Childbirth, obesity, age, excessive lifting, and straining can all lead to weak pelvic floor muscles.
The idea that having sex makes your vagina “loose” is untrue. You will learn about your pelvic floor muscles and vaginal muscles in this post, as well as how to make your vagina tight.

How do kegel exercises work?

They bolster the muscles that surround the vagina on the pelvic floor. The wonderful thing about these workouts is that you may perform them virtually anywhere, at any time, and secretly. This is the workout that your obstetrician would probably suggest if you ask them how to tighten your vagina.

You must learn how to isolate the right muscles if you want to do these workouts successfully. The muscles that you clench when trying to hold back urination are the ones you want to concentrate on. By doing a simple experiment, you can determine which muscles are involved. Pay attention to the muscles you employ to halt the flow of urine the next time you sit down to urinate. You engage these muscles when performing Kegel exercises.

You may use this approach now that you are aware of the relevant muscles and how tightening them feels. Five seconds should pass between tightening and relaxing this region. At least five times must pass after this action.

Begin by performing three sets of Kegels five to ten times each day. Once you get the hang of it, you may progressively increase both the number of times each day and the amount of repetitions you perform at a given time. If you keep working out, you can notice that your vagina is growing tighter and that sex is more enjoyable.

These exercises also have the added advantage of lowering the risk of urine incontinence. A new study indicated that two different kinds of urine incontinence might benefit from Kegel exercises performed at home. The study’s findings indicated a substantial improvement in individuals who performed 10 sets of Kegel exercises 10 times each day for 8 weeks.

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Are Kegel Exercises The Solution?

Yes, it is the solution. Kegel exercises will constrict your vagina and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles if you do them correctly and consistently. You could also find that your orgasms are getting stronger.

One study looked into the impact of Kegel exercises following childbirth.
The results demonstrated that eight weeks of pelvic muscle workouts improved postpartum sexual self-efficacy (i.e., sexual satisfaction, confidence, etc.).

Using Kegel Weights

Once you have mastered the fundamental Kegel exercises, you may use additional equipment to further strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.
This will aid in further tightening your vagina. Kegel weights and balls are the two most widely used aids. Here, we’ll go through how to utilize them effectively.

Cleaning Kegel weights and balls

You must thoroughly clean any Kegel weights or balls with warm water and antibacterial soap before lubricating them before inserting them.
The best lubrication is water-based. Additionally, it won’t leave any stains on your clothes and is the simplest to clean up.

Which type of Kegel trainer you choose to try is entirely up to you. Some are created especially for novices.

How to place Kegel weights and balls

Lie down or stand in a comfortable position after applying lubricant to your Kegel balls or weights. If this is your first time doing it, reclining on your back can make it simpler to enter the Kegel balls.
A standing position with one foot raised on a step or chair may be more comfortable if you have chosen to employ Kegel weights.

How to use Kegel balls:

Place the first Kegel ball into your vagina while laying on your back gently and steadily. Use Kegel balls that are strung together if you are just starting out.
Be careful to tuck the cord between the two balls into your vagina as well after inserting the ball. K
eep the removal string outside.
Tighten your pelvic floor muscles after they have been placed as far into your vagina as is comfortable, then carry on with your regular activities. Usually, they may remain there for up to six hours.


Using Kegel weights 

These come in a variety of weights. It can be advisable to start with the lightest choice while you’re first getting started. Kegel weights are applied slightly differently than Kegel balls.
Insert the Kegel weights into your vagina like a tampon after washing and lubricating them.
Holding onto the connecting string, place the weight into the slot.

After it’s been put in, contract your pelvic floor muscles.

For around 15 minutes, try to hold this weight while standing still with your muscles tensed. If this is too challenging, you can work while sitting.
You can advance to a heavier weight when you can hold the current weight for 15 minutes over the course of two to three days.

Before increasing the weight, be sure you can sustain it comfortably for the necessary period of time.

Kegel Balls

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Fundamental Kegel exercises

If it’s challenging to maintain the Kegel weight, decrease the weight and practice with it for a few more days. Pelvic floor muscles can get tired much like any other muscles in the body.
You could get a bit of pain from this. Give your body a day or two to recover if you are really in pain before trying again.

What should you do, then if the smallest weight is still too heavy to handle while standing? You could  perform a few simple exercises that will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Exercise 1

Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Insert the lubricated ball inside your vagina while you’re in this position.

Once you’ve inserted it, practice contracting your pelvic floor muscles and gently tug on the string.
You can discover the right muscles to tense while simultaneously strengthening them with its assistance. The objective is to maintain the weight.


Exercise 2

While lying on your back, simulate a Kegel exercise by tensing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles. This can be repeated several times.
Exhale while contracting the muscles after taking a breath in. Before doing the following exercise, perform these first two repetitions multiple days in a succession.


Exercise 3

This one is performed on your hands and knees on the floor following Exercises 1 and 2. Keep your back flat, hands and knees roughly shoulder-width apart.
Since there is no pelvic movement during this exercise, it could take some getting used to sitting motionless while performing it.

Similar to exercise number two, take a deep breath in while relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, and then exhale while tensing them.

Up to ten times should be done per session. After many days of doing this, attempt the standing position once more.

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How to take out Kegel weights and balls

Kegel balls and weights may be taken out the simplest method possible by using the same steps you used to introduce them, but in reverse.
You can lie on your back or stand when you want to take them out. To remove the ball or weight, simply pull on the connecting string after adding some more lubrication to your vaginal entrance.

When employing individual Kegel balls, lubricate the vaginal entrance and squat while doing so. Use your muscles to push out the Kegel balls from your vagina while you’re squatting.

Cleaning your Kegel balls and weights is important. Prior to and after each usage, make sure to wash and dry them. They should be inspected before each use and kept in a clean, dry, and secure location.


Just one more little tip regarding Kegels, Kegel balls, and Kegel weights: They are excellent for tightening the vagina and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, but they may also be used for masturbation and foreplay with your partner.

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