Wooden figures couple sixty-nine style in the bed.

69 is a position where you give & receive oral sex at the same time. It is a dual stimulation kind of position. This is a tricky position that we all long to enjoy but only a few ever dare to try it.

Here are a few tips to push you into trying and enjoy 69

1. Use your hands

Incorporating handjob during oral sex can take pleasure to a whole new level. Instead of simply licking the clit alone, you can add fingering to make your partner orgasm faster. Perfect time to bring fingering lessons to action.


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2. Take turns

There’s no rule that your lips and tongues have to be in contact with each other’s gen!tals at all times. You can take a break to moan and add some dirty talks to spice up the moment.


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Oral gel

3. Use a dental dam & oral gel

Dental dams reduce the spread of STDs & introduction of unwanted bacteria to the genitals while oral gel is applied to the penis before oral sex for a more pleasurable experience.


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4.Make it penetrative & add an adult toy to the mix

Adding adult toys gives you a break from licking non stop & most toys come with g spot stimulators, so while she is busy with your penis, you can use a g spot stimulator or dildo or your fingers to work her vagina. Doing this will increase the chances of both of you having orgasm at the same time.


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5. Switch top and bottom

Another easy tweak is to reverse who’s lying down and who’s up. It’s very good to change positions so that you and your partner can either relax from staying in one position for too long or to gain more access to deeper areas.


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6. Try doing it sideways

You and your partner can lay on your sides during 69. Staying on top can become uncomfortable and tiring. It’s good to switch to sides so that both partners can feel relaxed and enjoy the sex play.

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