My childhood friend came into town after 7 years since he left, immediately after Secondary School he left for Ghana to go stay with his mum. Back then I knew for a fact he was all into me but before we could get into anything heated he relocated.

He came around this weekend & I must say he grew up to be a fine gentleman. These years have been so good to him & that spark between the both of us is still there, I’m certain of that, even more if you ask me.

We did a little hangout with a few friends the night he came into town, the next day  he asked me to come visit him in his Air BNB, when I got there, he made me really comfortable & our gisting even got better than the previous night, he came to sit beside me on my couch & after a while told me to ease up so I can stretch my body which I did & he wrapped his hands around me cuddling me.

I eased into him because his cologne was really soothing & I really yearned for his warmth.

But all the while we stayed bodies wrapped around each other, his dick was not getting up, I thought he was controlling himself  but he was all touchy & then we started kissing heatedly, kissing led to him passionately feeling me & I was doing same but in all of this, I didn’t feel his dick rise at all.


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I was wondering what was wrong because I needed this man inside of me real bad. Then he asked for a handjob saying that’s how best I can stimulate him for him to feel it. Cool, I tried giving him the hand job, I was ready to show him all the tricks I know but the dick was just not responding at all, it just refused to rise.

I was like what is this, it was really weird for both of us cause I know he has wanted me for so  many years & now I finally say yes & it’s not getting up.

I left his place when the awkwardness became too much for both us to handle.  Later that night I got a message from him saying can we try one more time and that his ‘dick’ just misbehaves whenever it feels like it.

I said fine but he’d need to prepare cause I can’t go through that again,  getting all worked up only to be unsatisfied at the end and then I sent him the link to Mysp Nigeria on Instagram. Now I have a rematch to prepare for.

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